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How to fix the Canon printer E5 error message?

Canon Printer E5 error messages will appear on your printer when an ink cartridge problem occurs. In general, it occurs when the ink cartridge installed in it is not recognized by your printer. This may be due to any of the reasons mentioned below. Therefore, it is necessary to fix the Canon printer E5 error message so as to run your printer smoothly.

  • The ink cartridge isn’t properly equipped. 
  • An incorrect ink cartridge is installed, which means that an incompatible cartridge type is installed in your printer. 
  • The printer fails to correctly identify the ink cartridges. 
  • Unclean printer.

Ways to fix the Canon printer E5 error message

Method 1. Procedure to install the ink cartridges properly into your Canon Printer. 

  • The very first thing is that you have to switch off the printer. Besides this, you must have to detach its power supply cable. 
  • After this, you need to take out all the papers inserted within the printer’s output tray. 
  • The next move is to get the cover open. This will get the cartridges going. Here make sure you don’t hit them while the cartridges pass.
  • Now, take the cartridges out and detach from them the covered tapes. 
  • Next, you have to open the ink cartridge’s entry door.
  • Then, just by comparing the color of the cartridge with its specified slots put the ink within the cartridges. After this, you need to fill the ink properly into the unfilled slots. 
  • You have to shut down the entry door once you have filled the ink properly. 
  • Thereafter, put the cartridges into its specified slots again. 
  • In the end, you have to close the caps of the cartridges and then switch the printer on. You can do so by pressing the printer’s power button.

Method 2. Fix the issue of wrong ink cartridge installed 

To fix the Canon Printer e5 error message resolve the inappropriate ink cartridge issue. You first need to purchase the correct cartridge as per your Canon printer to resolve this problem. After that, mount it properly into your printer. Across the side of the cartridge package, the name of the printer model for which the cartridge is assisted is specified. It will help you make the correct decision when purchasing the ink cartridge.

Method 3. Steps to clean the printer properly 

In order to fix the Canon printer E5 error message, you must have to clean your printer. The issue of unclean printers occurs when there are excessive ink leakages also into the printer. 

Clean Print Heads

  • The very first step is to detach the cartridges from its slots. 
  • After that, take a clean cloth to clean the print heads. 
  • Then add a few drops of isopropyl alcohol carefully onto the piece of cloth. 
  • Now, softly clean the printhead by using a wet cloth. You need to rub the cloth before thorough cleaning of the dust particles and the ink. 
  • Eventually, put the ink cartridges back into their respective slots properly.
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