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Canon Maxify Setup

* Hardware Setup

To begin the Canon Maxify setup process, follow the below-given steps for the hardware setup of your printer: 

  1. Unbox your printer by removing its packaging. 
  2. Now, connect the one end of the power cable to the printer and the other end to the wall outlet. 
  3. Then, turn on your printer by pressing its power button. 
  4. Next, fill the ink cartridge. 
  5. Then, adjust your printer’s paper tray and load paper in it. 

Now to proceed further for Canon Maxify Setup, connect your printer to the network. 

Network Connection Setup 

Pursue the following steps to connect your printer with the network for Canon Maxify Setup: 

  1. To start the process, press the home button located on the front of the printer. 
  2. Now, flick the screen left or right and tap on “WLAN”.
  3. On the next screen, tap Wireless LAN Setup.
  4. Now, the printer will begin searching for compatible access points. 
  5. Afterwards, select the “WPS Push Button” method and make sure that your router supports the WPS push-button technology.  
  6. Now, tap “Start Setup” on your printer screen.
  7. Next, press and hold the WPS Button on the router. Then tap OK on your printer screen within 2 minutes. 
  8. You need to wait till the printer is connected to your wireless router. 
  9. When your printer screen says- Connected to the access point, you need to press Ok. 

The Network Connection Setup is now complete. 

Download Canon Printer Driver

The next step of Canon Maxify Setup is to download the printer driver For that, follow the steps that are given below: 

  1. Access a web browser i.e  Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. 
  2. Now, type in the address bar and then press the Enter key from your keyboard.
  3.  In the next window, type “Maxify” into the search field given at the top-right corner and click on the search icon. 
  4. A list of Canon Maxify printer models will appear on your screen. Select your desired product from the list
  5.  Then, It will take you to the Product Download window. Do the following: 
    • Scroll down the page and click on the “Drivers & Downloadstab which is given under your product name. 
    • In the Drivers & Downloads section, select “Drivers”
    • Then it will give you two options- “Recommended Drivers” or “Optional Drivers”. Under the Recommended drivers section, click on the “Select” tab given next to your product name. 
    • Then, click on the Download button and it will begin downloading the setup file.
  6. Wait patiently till your file is downloaded successfully. Then, the file will automatically be saved in the Downloads folder. This completes the printer driver download process for Canon Maxify Setup. 

Procedure to Install Canon Printer Driver 

Following are the instructions to install the printer driver for completing the Canon Maxify Setup process. 

  1. For installation, open the Downloads folder on your system. 
  2. Locate the Canon Maxify setup file and then double-click on it. 
  3. By doing so, you will get the Security Warning pop-up box on your screen asking you- Are you sure you want to run the file? Click on the Run button and it will start extracting the files. 
  4. Next, it will show you the pop-up box of User Account Control. To permit the software installation on your system, it is required to make necessary changes to your computer. Hence to initiate the installation process, click on the Yes button.  
  5. It will show you the program’s main window. Here you will see a Language tab, click on this tab to select your desired language. Then, click on the back button to return back to the main screen. 
  6. To move further for Canon Maxify Setup, you need to connect your printer with the computer. It will show you two methods for connection- Wireless LAN Setup or USB Connection Method
  7. Select one of the options and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the printer connection process. If you choose the wired connection method, properly attach a USB cable from your printer to the computer. Then, click on the Next button positioned at the bottom-right corner of the window. 
  8. Now, the software will begin searching for your printer. Make sure that your printer is turned on. When your printer is detected, a list of printers on the network will appear on your screen. Select your desired printer.
  9. Next, select your place of residence in which you are located then click on the Next button.
  10. Now, the Software Selection window will be shown on your screen. It will show you a list of software, select the software that you want to install from the list. If want to install all the software click on the “Select All” tab and then click on the Next button. 
  11. Now, End User License Agreement window appears. Review all the terms and conditions thoroughly. To continue with the installation process, select the Yes option. But if you do not agree with the terms, click “No” but it will stop the installation process. 
  12. Next, the Firewall Settings window appears. Tick mark the checkbox of “Deactivate the Block” to allow the driver installation. Then click Next. 
  13. It will start installing the software and you need to wait for its completion. If you are installing on mac, it will prompt you to enter your Mac Username and Password. Hence, provide your details and then click on the Install Software button. 
  14. The next window of “Print Head Alignment” will appear on your screen. To perform the test, click on the Execute button and then follow the on-screen instructions to finish the printing process. In addition, your printer must be loaded with plain A-4 size paper. To skip this step, click Next.
  15. Now, the Setup Complete window appears, click on the Next button positioned at the bottom-right corner of the screen. 
  16. In the next window of User Registration,” you can register your product to get updated of the latest product information. You can also skip this step by clicking on the Cancel button given there. 
  17. Then, it will take you to the Extended Survey Program window. If you want to take part in the survey program, select “Agree”. Otherwise, click on the “Disagree” tab. 
  18. At last, it will show you the Installation Successful window. Click Exit.

This concludes the Canon Maxify Setup procedure.